What Is The Secret To Keeping The Cardiovascular Young?

Cardiovascular status and human health are closely related, how can we keep the cardiovascular vitality? There are a lot of small tips in life to help us protect the cardiovascular, together to understand these simple and easy to learn it!

First, control blood pressure

Hypertension is a common cause of a variety of cardiovascular disease, but also common disease in the elderly. Only the normal blood pressure in order to make the normal flow of blood, for the organization and organs to provide enough blood to maintain the metabolism. So after the age of 40 normal people have regular blood pressure, patients with hypertension have to be prescribed medication on time, can not increase or decrease their own dose or do not eat, it is easy to cause fluctuations in blood pressure, causing cardiovascular disease.

Second, control cholesterol

As long as the age of more than 20 years of age, physical health has not been treated, the total cholesterol value is generally less than 5.2 mmol / l.

Third, control blood sugar

Diabetes requires not only long-term control of diet, but also to prevent the occurrence of various cardiovascular complications. Therefore, more than 12 years old adolescents and adults, fasting plasma blood glucose should be less than 5.6 mmol / liter.

Fourth, control weight

Obesity can induce high blood pressure, high blood sugar and other risk factors, so more than 20 years old adult body mass index (BMI) should be less than 25. Body mass index (BMI) = body weight (kg) / height ^ 2 (m)

Five, no smoking

Nicotine in tobacco will stimulate vasoconstriction, resulting in insufficient cardiovascular and cerebrovascular insufficiency, long-term smoking can easily cause heart and brain infarction. Want to stay away from the threat of cardiovascular disease, immediately away from the tobacco bar.

Six, a reasonable diet

Advocate low-salt diet, maintain a balanced diet, refused to overeating.

Seven, appropriate exercise

Proper exercise is necessary. Suggest that the elderly 30 minutes a day exercise, you can choose to walk, brisk walking, tai chi, etc., adhere to 5 days a week.