The Most Important Thing About Antiviral Is To Seize The Opportunity

Antiviral can only inhibit the virus, cure hepatitis B, which is recognized. Pharmaceutical companies also say so. We do not whimsical. Therefore, the Antiviral must choose the opportunity. Too early or too late

In hepatitis B patients, some are obviously Antiviral, clear indicators, good characterization. There is a part of the obvious is not Antiviral, but also clear indicators, as long as the long-term monitoring on it. The most troublesome is that there is a part of a patient, based on the middle zone, it is difficult to determine the Antiviral or Antiviral. Whether the identification is good is the key to the doctor here. But this identification is difficult. You can take medicine, you can not know what consequences will not take medicine, maybe you can wait 10 years to take medicine. In turn, you do not take medicine, you can test the doctor level, and he told you not to take medicine, if you are not afraid to take the risk, you do not take medicine, really waiting for 10 years, liver puncture results really good , You would like to thank the doctor, and more to give you more than 10 years of life.

Why should I emphasize this? The key is that antiviral therapy is currently very limited. Friends here have some distressed money, in fact, what money, if the Antiviral can save life. I said the limitations, that is, Antiviral drugs are resistant, the length of time only. Can be antiviral and long-term cost of life, and the type of drug is very limited. This said that even if the long-term use of antiviral drugs have a variety of side effects, due to drug resistance, antiviral drugs is also impossible to take (the real sense) of life. Even if there is, this so-called "life" is also determined by the length of time to take medication. When the drug resistance, and no new drugs can be replaced, and can only wait for the occurrence of tragedy, life will end. Antivirus is an ocean liner, and you can not jump off once you board the ship. Otherwise the moment will be buried in the depths of the sea shark group (hepatitis B virus) torn bite. Antiviral withdrawal relapse, is very dangerous, and sometimes the patient directly facing life-threatening. So, to immediately use the means to make up, and the so-called means nothing more is to re-medication. Pharmaceutical instructions are written to understand that irregular medication or withdrawal is to increase drug resistance. On the two first-line drugs, you can turn around the space is so limited. In general, the first drug to use a long time, after the second drug resistance cycle will be significantly reduced. You will say, drug resistance, the occurrence of burst liver, liver transplantation can also be. You know, liver transplantation, you have to take antiviral drugs, if you are resistant, then the liver transplant, hepatitis B soon have to come to the door, re-big relapse. So, after resistance, liver transplantation of the basic blocked. All in all, the antivirus time the patient can afford is limited. Here to talk about why Antiviral is a very important issue.

A patient with ambiguous hepatitis B, if the antiviral treatment, then his life trajectory basically settled down, according to the current level of medical care, assuming that life can be extended for 20 years. If he can late Antiviral 5 years, 5 years later, he Antiviral, plus 20 years, then he can live for 25 years. Live for more than 5 years. Unless it is a very serious patient, the general survival of hepatitis B patients after the virus should be almost the same, late Antiviral is equal to the continuation of life, and more hope to wait until the advent of new drugs cure. Of course, late Antiviral will also face the risk of cirrhosis or cancer. But in order to avoid the risk, the Antiviral can be Antiviral young people on the Antiviral does not return the ship, it is not wise. The size of the risk, and no statistics. Therefore, as long as the strengthening of surveillance disease, should be able to avoid the occurrence of tragedy. Smoking is just as good as carcinogenic.