Advances In Anti-MERS Drug Research Was Important In China

On May 28 of China confirmed the first imported respiratory syndrome in the Middle East (MERS) patients since the domestic parties to show great concern. The good news is that foundation of Fudan University of medical Virology/the Ministry of education key laboratory of Ministry of health of the State "thousand person plan" scholar Jiang Shibo and colleagues, made significant progress in the anti-MERS of drug discovery and development.
2013-2014, anti-MERS of the team designing and testing the peptide--HR2P, found HR2P can effectively inhibit MERS-CoV (new type of coronavirus that caused MERS) of different cell infection. Later, Jiang Shibo teams to further optimize the sequence HR2P,--HR2P-M2 Gets a new peptide, their structural stability, water-soluble, and broad-spectrum antiviral activity is greatly improved.

They then coronavirus expert with international cooperation, two MERS-CoV small animal models of infection, nasal drug delivery methods, we examined HR2P-M2 MERS of prevention and treatment. Results show that HR2P-M2 has a very good anti-MERS-CoV effect in the body, protects the animals from a lethal dose of MERS-CoV attacks.

Relevant papers have been advances in the International Journal of infectious diseases received, will be published in the near future.
Jiang Shibo told reporters of the China Science News, according to the current results of the peptide can "nasal spray" medication for high-risk emergency prevention, including people who have been in close contact with MERS-CoV people living with HIV, especially medical staff, family members and ward roommates.

In addition, the peptide HR2P-M2 can also be used to MERS-CoV people living with HIV, said Jiang Shibo, which can greatly reduce the number of people living with HIV to release viral particles, so as to achieve the effect of controlling the source of infection.

Meanwhile, the team of researchers Ying Tianlei, who with the United States national institutes of health researchers to develop a holistic Super activity against MERS coronavirus source neutralizing antibody--m336. Laboratory data show that the binding affinity of the antibodies and MERS coronavirus constants to achieve "mole" level – the MERS living virus neutralization activity reaches 0.07 μg/ml. This means that live virus the antibodies encounter MERS to its "kill". The results have been published in the journal of Virology.

Thunder told reporters recently m336 monoclonal antibody in marmosets and complete rabbit animal models in vivo effectiveness testing. Results show that the antibodies are very effective in two animal models, far more active than MERS convalescent serum of infected animals. Because the antibody is a monoclonal antibody of the whole person, so it has very high safety and medicine, suitable for development into drugs for treatment of MERS.

Meanwhile, in vitro experiments show that, HR2P-M2 and m336 monoclonal antibody combined with a good synergy. "If approved by the relevant departments and the patient's consent, joint use of m336 antibodies (method of intravenous drug delivery) and HR2P-M2 (nasal spray), may be used for emergency treatment of MERS-CoV infection, saving their lives. "Jiang Shibo said.
Researcher at land told the team the China scientific journal Reporter: "China's relevant Government Department has convened meetings of experts at the first emergency policies and comments. In China, we conclude that, in addition to strengthening outside control, MERS virus vaccine and drug research in particular, should pay more attention to and strengthened. ”

MERS will be the same as the SARS outbreak in China? Jiang Shibo think the answer is no. "MERS confined to the lower respiratory tract infection (SARS were upper respiratory tract infection), interpersonal communication ability was weaker than SARS, so MERS is not more frightening than SARS. "Jiang Shibo said," China experienced the baptism of the SARS virus outbreak, departments in the prevention and control of the virus, has accumulated rich experience, we should trust the Government's ability to control. ”