Antitumor Is Divided Into Benign Antitumor And Malignant Antitumor Two Categories

According to the new biological cell characteristics and the degree of harm to the body, in turn the Antitumor is divided into benign Antitumor and malignant Antitumor two categories, and cancer is the general term for malignant Antitumor. To draw attention to is that cancer and cancer are two different concepts, cancer refers to the epithelial malignant Antitumor, such as large intestine mucosal epithelium formed by malignant Antitumor called colorectal mucosa epithelial cancer, referred to as colorectal cancer. Formed by the skin epithelium called skin epithelial cancer, referred to as skin cancer and so on. So, if the doctor said that someone is suffering from cancer, that is long that patients with malignant Antitumor; if that person is suffering from gastric cancer, meaning the patient's gastric mucosal epithelial cancer, if that patients get the stomach Sarcoma, it shows that this malignancy is not formed by the mucosal epithelial cells, may be caused by smooth muscle cell malignancy, or belong to the stomach of malignant lymphoma. But also generally speaking that he was suffering from cancer.

Leukemia is a blood system of malignant Antitumor, so commonly known as blood cancer. It is from the bone marrow of an immature leukocyte diffuse malignant growth, replace the normal bone marrow and into the blood of the formation. Because the patient's blood in the presence of a large number of such Antitumor-like white blood cells, so that the blood showed chylous like color characteristics, so people call it leukemia, in fact, this disease name does not reflect the biological classification of cancer cells. In most cases, the number of white blood cells increased significantly, but sometimes can be normal or even reduced. According to the type of leukemia cells can be divided into granulocyte type, lymphocyte type, monocyte type 3 kinds. In addition, as mentioned above, the doctor is based on the pathological morphology of the Antitumor, the way of growth and the degree of harm to the patient, the Antitumor is divided into malignant and benign two categories.