Banlangen In The End Can Not Be Antiviral

Some people have claimed that Banlangen is actually a common dye, no effect on many diseases, excessive use will damage the digestive tract. But the experts in the 20 years through the system chemical separation from the Radix Radix Gossypium root to get organic acids, bases, alkaloids and other nearly 40 kinds of compounds, Banlangen Qingrejiedu effect of the essence and mechanism of the mechanism of extensive and extensive study to prove that Banlangen can directly Against bacteria, Antiviral and endotoxin.

Prevention and treatment of viral diseases have scientific basis

Experts on the quality and mechanism of the effect of Banlangen Qingrejiedu conducted a thorough and extensive study to prove that Banlangen treatment, including viral infectious diseases, including "temperature disease epidemic disease" is a variety of chemical composition, a variety of ways, multiple targets The results of this study provide a scientific basis for the prevention and treatment of viral infectious diseases.

Banlangen can fight against pathogenic microorganisms. It has a certain role in Gram-negative and positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli and other respiratory viruses such as herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus and other herpes virus, influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and mumps virus, Coxsackie virus and other gastrointestinal viruses, as well as renal syndrome hemorrhagic fever virus and Japanese encephalitis virus and so have a certain inhibitory effect. Banlangen can inhibit the virus infection and inhibit its proliferation, and its Antiviral mechanism may be related to its uridine, uracil, hypoxanthine, alkaloids and other chemical composition, these substances interfere with viral DNA, RNA replication, thereby inhibiting the virus proliferation, Play a role in protecting cells from viruses.

Radix has an anti-inflammatory effect. Experiments show that Banlangen for the inflammatory development process of all stages have a certain inhibitory effect, with a wide range of anti-inflammatory Antiviral.

Radix has an immunomodulatory effect. The active ingredient of macromolecule in Radix Isatidis can promote the function of immune function.

Radix is resistant to endotoxin. Banlangen has a wide range of anti-endotoxin activity in vitro and in vivo, it can directly neutralize and degrade endotoxin, reduce the rate of thrombosis in vital organs, inhibit endotoxin-induced fever, endotoxin lethal attack has a significant protective effect.

Can prevent and adjuvant treatment of antiviral infection

Banlang root with heat detoxification, cooling blood Li pharynx effect, to solve the temperature poison, heat poison, hot poison, treatment of warm disease known.

Influenza, hand, foot and mouth and avian flu and other viral infectious diseases are traditional Chinese medicine "plague", "epidemic", "epidemic" category, it can be said, Banlangen on influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease and other viral infectious diseases prevention and Adjuvant therapy has the corresponding theoretical basis of Chinese medicine.

To prevent the purpose of long-term use

Banlang root bitter cold, easy to hurt the temper. Therefore, the purpose of prevention should not be taken for a long time, usually taking 3 to 5 days. In addition, the spleen and stomach Deficiency (bloating food less, hi warm diet, loose stools thin, poor digestion, hands and feet limbs cold) of the elderly, children, pregnant women and lactating women and Yin Huo-wang who use caution; Less. Tonsil suppurative or fever temperature over 38.5 ℃ or medication 3 days symptoms of patients without remission should be timely treatment.