English Open The Ebola Virus Gene Sequence Data

A United Kingdom research team successfully completed the genetic sequencing of the Ebola virus, and the data has been published on the Internet, free for use by researchers worldwide. It helps countries to develop more effective treatments and vaccines
3rd at Cambridge University said in a statement, after 2014 an outbreak of Ebola outbreak in West Africa, from the school and the United Kingdom several research institutions of researchers began collecting virus samples in Sierra Leone, and the United States a company develop a new generation of gene-sequencing technology to analysis of these samples, and eventually completed the gene sequencing.
Led to the study of United Kingdom baoluo·kailamu said at the Sanger Institute, these data can tell researchers much critical information – how the Ebola virus spread? How variations in the process?

For the global fight against the Ebola epidemic, this is definitely a big plus. Armed with this sequencing data, researchers can more easily monitor the Ebola virus mutation, which targeted drug development.
This time using next-generation sequencing technologies are expected to become researchers in the future against all types of viruses "weapon". This technology not only can significantly shorten the time needed for sequencing, sequencing data as a picture related to the "map", and clearly show the path of the virus.