How Do Children Take Antiviral Drugs?

Recently heard, but also to see some of the so-called news, that is, Xi'an kindergarten to children to eat antiviral things, for children can not eat morpholine guanidine hydrochloride, the problem that the so-called comments have been a lot, and now do not want more Words, the following to give you universal about how their children in the virus raging season to give them the best protection

We have more than the Chinese god medicine - Banlangen Oh! The The

To recommend the following several commonly used drugs:

1, ribavirin, also known as ribavirin, in 1999, the virus spirit (morpholine hydrochloride) proposed to disable the local lot number, the drug has become a better safety in Western medicine class of drugs, but also in the effect Can also guarantee that the respiratory cytotoxic virus (that is, the so-called influenza virus) have a very good inhibitory effect, and a special child dosage form, for children under the age of the corresponding use and dosage, the doctor sometimes suggested by herpes Angina and other diseases of the children recommended the use of such drugs.

2, in the traditional Chinese medicine inside, Banlangen, honeysuckle, forsythia, scutellaria, forsythia and so have a clear antiviral effect, but because children can not directly take Chinese medicine Pieces, so most of the clinical use of some compound preparation oral solution Have a good effect.

3, blue Kam oral solution, its composition is Banlangen, scutellaria, gardenia, cork and fat sea, to heat detoxification, lee throat swelling, especially for children with wet stomach caused by sore throat, throat and other symptoms are better Of the efficacy, in the subsequent clinical application also found that the blue Kam oral solution for the hand, foot and mouth virus has a unique role in the prevention and treatment of the national child control hand, foot and mouth disease is the only recommended proprietary Chinese medicine preparations, can be used as a family standing medicine.

4, Pu Di blue venom, the composition of dandelion, Banlangen, bitter Ding, scutellaria, efficacy and the role of the principle and blue Kam oral solution is similar to a popular by the pediatric clinician favorite drug, its antiviral effect Better.

5, Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, its composition is honeysuckle, baicalin, forsythia, not everyone in the eyes of Coptis, pathological studies show that the influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus inhibition, prevention and treatment of influenza and influenza. But in the time of taking can not be abused, it is in addition to the role of antiviral, the wind and heat cold effect is also very good, but if it is cold cold after the nasal congestion, runny nose and other cold symptoms, The

6, Banlangen particles. This kind of God does not need me to speak slightly! But it is bitter cold medicine, not a large dose of long-term use, viral influenza can be taken before taking two days.