How To Reduce Blood Glucose And Bring 4 Antidiabetic Points To The Body

The most important thing for diabetics is to control their blood sugar, the stability of blood sugar represents the stability of the disease, so the patient to stabilize blood sugar is the most important, but now there are a lot of people are taking antihypertensive drugs, so besides these there are other ways, today a little compilation to teach you a few strokes.

In fact, Antidiabetic is also very simple, usually pay more attention to, in addition you know? In our human body is to bring 4 of Antidiabetic points.

Antidiabetic-valley point

Valley Point is the earliest record of the treatment of diabetes in ancient China, is the foot of the Ying Acupoint, the kidney through the blood flow through the site. Its position inside the foot, first find the foot of the ankle tip, in its front can touch a bulge of bone, anatomy is called the scaphoid coarse long, the bottom of the boat bone thick is the valley. Wash your feet every night to rub the thumb hard here until there is a clear sense of acid swelling. Adhere to the daily kneading Valley points, can play a good Antidiabetic effect.

Relieving Thirst-Thenar acupoint

On the elimination of lung Yin Insufficiency, lung heat related, performance for more drink, should pay attention to qingre moistening lungs, shengjinzhike, can pinch thenar. Thenar Acupoint belongs to the Ying point of the hand-lunar lung meridian, located at the radial side of the first metacarpal bone, the red white meat, and the effect of Qingfei fever and the throat.

Control appetite-Internal court

In the elimination of stomach yin deficiency, stomach heat related, manifested as more food, should pay attention to clear the stomach and water, nourishing Yin add liquid, can pinch inside the court.

The inner chamber points at the end of the second to third toe of the foot, with the index finger and thumb on the foot and feet, and up and down to pinch the inner court point, with clear stomach diarrhea fire, qi and analgesic effect, can control appetite, treatment of tone weight, constipation, snoring, teeth, stomach fire toothache and so on.

Relieving urinary Multiple-Guanyuan acupoint

Under the elimination of kidney Yin deficiency, kidney deficiency related, manifested as more urine, should pay attention to yin and kidney, you can massage Guan yuan. Guanyuan Acupoint in the anterior midline of the umbilical cord three inches, is the starting point of the pulse, but also to the Yin point, the hands will be rubbed hot after the rapid massage of this point, you can nourish the kidney yin, bacon, and tonic.

Seven Antidiabetic Foods


The reason that balsam pear can reduce blood sugar value is that balsam pear seed contains protein similar to insulin function. It is well known that insulin has the effect of converting glucose in the blood into heat, which regulates the body's blood sugar and keeps it in a normal state. Similarly, the fruit of balsam pear or seed extracts can also promote the decomposition of sugar, with the excess sugar into the role of heat, improve the body's fat balance.

Edible method: Take balsam pear 250 grams, lean pork 50 grams, sprout vegetable 3 grams, soybean oil 25 grams, sesame oils, scallions, ginger and salt amount. Cut bitter gourd strips, spare. Chop the pork into the end, the sprouts chopped. Oil pan, pour bitter gourd, minced meat, stir fry vegetables, add seasoning can be.