Protect The Cardiovascular Particularly Good Prescription

Cardiovascular disease is one of the important factors that endanger human health. How to effectively control cardiovascular disease, is placed in front of us the subject. Today, Xiaobian to share with you a protection of cardiovascular prescription. The author of this article after years of clinical practice, as the basis of dialectical addition and subtraction, and achieved good results. Go and see it ~ ~

Treatment of cardiovascular disease, I have a very good prescription, I will it chaos rehabilitation soup. This prescription by the Evodia, Anemarrhena, Citrus aurantium, Atractylodes, Shichangpu five herbs composition.

How did i consider it?

Heart for the internal organs of the Lord. Since the heart to dominate the internal organs, then the internal organs will affect it in turn, it is certain. In the prevention and treatment of heart disease from time to time to come from other places, because the heart itself will not provoke their own, to provoke it are foreign. So, to break through the traditional ideas, break the heart disease prevention and treatment confined to the heart of the model.

When there is such an understanding, I will consider a group of prescriptions, the drug used at the same time to take care of the face and take care of the largest, to maintain the stability of the various organs of the body, the body conditioning to a coordinated balance The This will be able to relatively protect the cardiovascular system, and these drugs should not be harmful.

According to such a request I prepared a chaos rehabilitation soup. That is, any part of the body when the chaos, and even chaos to you do not know how to deal with the time to use this prescription, this prescription after the chaos, the actual final protection of the cardiovascular.

Why do I use this five herbs?

There is no one in this prescription in our view is the treatment of cardiovascular blood circulation drugs. But used in clinical, according to dialectical addition and subtraction, the effect is very good. Why choose the five herbs, I will speak.

Evodia, which itself is a warm stomach, and stomach, anti-inverse drugs, to treat the stomach against the vomiting; it is a detoxification of the drug, the treatment of damp poison for suffering, to detoxification foul. Evodia is a medicine for the gastrointestinal tract, the gastrointestinal tract can maintain a pass down function.

With Evodia is such a way of thinking, with the infamous is out of what ideas?

Anemarrhena is a good medicine for the treatment of lung infections, lungs, lungs, detoxification, it can treat from the lungs into the etiology of damage to the cardiovascular system, because your lungs are normal, the cause will not come from the lungs The. Anemarrhena treatment of cough is a good medicine, there is a two mother Ning cough pill. Such a for the lungs, one for the stomach, and for the stomach of the drug is a hot medicine, medicine for the lungs is a cold medicine, the cold one heat together, and its coldness of the sex has been inhibited, warm Sex has also been inhibited, the compatibility of these two drugs can be long-term application.

Atractylodes, is a spleen and lungs medicine, why so speak it? When the lungs are sick when the sputum is more, then when the gastrointestinal disease, Chinese medicine on the spleen when it is easy to diarrhea or constipation, then Atractylodes this medicine on the lungs can be phlegm, the lungs can also have the role of lungs , Of course, mainly to be able to phlegm. Then it is through the spleen can only diarrhea, but also laxative, the drug is a very good to make the gastrointestinal function of a normal state of medicine, which is the meaning of Atractylodes.

Citrus aurantium, is a drug of lowering gas, is qi medicine, to keep the gastrointestinal drug, it is combined with Evodia is the main gas, Atractylodes is based on the rise of the main, so that a rise and fall, More balanced state. In addition, citrus aurantium it has a very good effect, that is, the role of anti-allergic, it can maintain a stable body, to Qufeng, this in the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" which records, it can treat the wind group. With the citrus aurantium, the whole body will be able to maintain a relatively stable state. In addition, the "Synopsis" there is a fructus aurantia Allzai white Guizhi soup, is the treatment of chest paralysis. Indicating that citrus aurantium itself can improve myocardial ischemia, treatment of chest paralysis, so I chose citrus aurantium.

Citrus aurantium, Atractylodes together there is a name, called Zhizhu soup or Zhizhu pills. What is the disease? Is the treatment of spleen and stomach, food stagnation, the actual situation mixed with a basic prescription; "Golden Chamber" also use Zhizhu decoction "heart under the firm, such as disk, such as spin cup, water drink made." What is this disease? Is the heart function is incomplete, so the two drugs themselves can treat cardiovascular disease, can treat excessive blood volume on the cardiovascular system, can improve heart function. These two drugs have so much effect.

Look at Shichangpu, it is a good antidote, so in the pathogen with Shichangpu, regardless of the coke, the coke, under the coke can be used. In addition, Shichangpu is a good Bunao medicine, why? Lethargy when it can be refreshing, irritable time can use it soothe the nerves, in fact, is to improve the blood supply to the brain. Although Shichangpu is not our classic blood stasis medicine, but the ancient records of its systemic blood vessels have a wide range of blood circulation effect. In general, Shichangpu adjust the human spirit, detoxification, the various organs (mainly in contact with the external environment of the organ) to play a protective role.