Talk About Antiviral Therapy First, Choose Drugs

Now the vast majority of patients know: chronic hepatitis B must be Antiviral treatment. This understanding is not easy, many people take a lot of detours, a waste of money, but also delayed the condition. After suffering, suddenly repentance. But want antiviral treatment, but also must know some of the basic knowledge of antiviral drugs.

Hepatitis B virus is difficult to completely remove the Antiviral treatment of chronic hepatitis B is not easy. Many users have seen some basic knowledge, know Changzhi can be safe.

What are the anti-HBV drugs?

Anti-hepatitis B virus drugs as of this year approved by China, there are two kinds of interferon (common interferon and long-acting interferon); there are four kinds of oral nucleoside drugs.

There are two kinds of long-acting interferon: Paoluo Xin used in hepatitis B earlier; in fact, Peggy can be the old drug, but only in recent years for hepatitis B. Common interferon has many brands, race if the gold, Yun Tak Su, An Fulong, etc. is the long-term use of the old drug, Kai was listed in recent years, with more.

Nucleoside drugs are listed in the domestic market are lamivudine (Heptin), adefovir (He Weili, Dai Ding, name is, etc.), entecavir (Bo Lu Ding) and telbivudine (Suibi Fu); Has been listed in foreign countries also tenofovir.

Europe and the United States approved the listing of ordinary interferon only Gan Lokeng, long-term interferon only Parosin; 5 kinds of nucleoside drugs each only one brand.

There is no other anti-hepatitis B virus drugs, some users have heard of such and such a legend, do not have the suffering of the patients still less?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two anti-HBV drugs?

Interferon injection and nucleoside oral drugs are two different anti-hepatitis B virus drugs.

Nucleoside drugs have a strong antiviral activity, can quickly inhibit viral replication, and for most patients are effective. Every day as long as a drug, very convenient, very few adverse reactions. However, the role of nucleoside drugs on the "triple yang" is very slow, the effect is unstable, long-term medication, maintenance treatment to maintain the effect, can not be free to stop, even if the serum transaminase has been normal, the virus is also found, stop After a short period of time after the drug, most people will relapse. Nucleoside drugs after a long period of treatment, each drug may be resistant to drug resistance. To use these drugs, you must be the doctor's guidance.

Interferon generally requires 12 months of treatment, the efficacy of the indicators is to clear the "HBeAg"; serum transaminase normal; serum virus reduced to not detect. Interferon by stimulating the patient's immune efficacy, after treatment is quite stable. Because interferon must be immune to stimulate the efficacy of each person's response is very different, a course of treatment can get three efficacy indicators only about half of the patients. In addition, there are many adverse reactions with interferon therapy, but as long as the provisions of the inspection, the same is safe.