What Are The Preparations For Antiviral Therapy?

Antiviral therapy, as the most effective treatment for AIDS patients or the most fundamental treatment, is playing an irreplaceable role, it is conducive to the maximum degree of control of the virus, restore the immune function of patients, reduce the occurrence of opportunistic infections, improve the quality of life of patients, prolong the lives of patients, reduce the spread of HIV, based on this, the clinician engaged in the professional will be at the appropriate time to start the patient with antiviral treatment, however, patients in the face of this need to take a variety of drugs, lifelong medication There are some concerns in the face of antiviral treatment regimens that endure various drug-side-effects. In the process of clinical diagnosis and treatment, I often encounter some patients missed the best time to start antiviral therapy, until serious opportunistic infections had to be hospitalized, the immune function has been severely damaged in the case of the first to start antiviral treatment, which may adversely affect the prognosis of patients in the future, therefore, start antiviral treatment, you as HIV-infected people or AIDS patients, is ready?

Psychological Preparation:

1, first of all to recognize that you have acquired immunodeficiency disease, is caused by HIV infection in the body's immune function is low, over time, your immune function, that is, the CD4 cell count will gradually decline, if the risk of opportunistic infections becomes more and more likely to fall below 200 Ml, the CDC's guidelines on antiretroviral therapy for AIDS patients suggest CD4 less than 350 to start antiviral therapy to better restore the immune function of patients, Allows patients to be immune from opportunistic infections or malignancies. Recognizing that the disease is harmful to its own immune function, it should be thought that antiviral therapy is the treatment of etiology, and effective antiviral therapy means reducing the damage of the virus to its own immune function. As the duration of treatment increases, your immune function will gradually recover, and the sooner you start antiviral therapy, the more likely you are to get your immune function back to normal levels, so antiviral therapy is your only option at this time.

2, antiviral treatment is a long and long process, because of the complex and changeable HIV virus, not easy to remove completely from the body, so antiviral treatment has become a lifelong medication process, you need to persist and strong. Since the discovery of HIV in the 1983, humans have been fighting the virus, from a single drug to two drugs, so that three of medicines and more than a combination of the virus's genetic variability, single and binary drugs were unsuccessful in treatment, and the combination of triple and triple combinations, the so-called cocktail therapy, was successful in that it had a number of targets, a strong antiviral effect, and a low rate of drug-resistant mutation, since 1996, when the Chinese-American professor Ho raised it. has been used so far, but also to engage in the industry of clinicians and AIDS patients see the hope, therefore, a combination of antiviral drugs to ensure the success of antiviral treatment key. You need to be prepared for long-term treatment and multiple combinations of medications.

3, any antiviral drugs will have different degrees, different kinds of toxic side effects. If you get to the beginning of antiviral therapy, it means that antiviral therapy will save your life, and you'll regain hope from opportunistic infections or malignancies caused by low immunity, even if the drug has toxic side effects, you should not hesitate to choose to start antiviral treatment, but in the course of antiviral treatment need to pay attention to observation and timely consultation, and with professional experience of the doctor more communication, more contact, in order to occur in the early toxicity of the timely detection and treatment, Avoid serious toxic side effects and endanger life. It is never possible to miss the best time to start antiviral therapy because of the fear of drug side effects.