What Is The Difficulty Of Hepatitis B Antiviral Therapy?

Hepatitis B antiviral therapy is the focus of hepatitis B treatment, only to remove hepatitis B virus, in order to be patient rehabilitation. Hepatitis B is currently a lot of hepatitis B patients desire, the following look at the difficulty of hepatitis B antiviral treatment it!

Hepatitis B virus variant: hepatitis B virus is a retrovirus, when the body's immune system has been infected with wild-type hepatitis B virus to produce a specific immune response, wild strains of hepatitis B virus was inhibited replication, and mutants can escape the formation of antiviral immunity Force, mutant strain gradually become a dominant strain from the inferiority. The body of the high titer of the mutant will also produce immune response, resulting in liver damage; in the long-term application of antiviral drugs can also produce resistant mutants, leading to liver cell damage.

What is the difficulty of hepatitis B antiviral therapy?

Hepatitis B virus infection often caused by the body's immune system on hbv immune tolerance and partial tolerance, it is difficult to activate the body's specific immunity to hepatitis B virus is not conducive to hepatitis B virus treatment.

What is the difficulty of hepatitis B antiviral therapy?

Can not regulate the anti-viral treatment: some patients after treatment has just reached the initial efficacy of hepatitis B virus dna negative turn to mistakenly believe that the virus has been cleared to self-medication. This treatment not only can not achieve the inhibitory effect on hepatitis B virus, but also may accelerate the occurrence of drug resistance, and even the virus replication rebound, leading to increased liver disease.

Excessive Fear Virus Variations: Some patients with hepatitis B virus dna titer is very high, liver function is long abnormal, but because of excessive fear of virus mutation and not accept antiviral treatment. This will keep the virus in the whole copy, liver cell necrosis persist, the result will stimulate the liver a large number of fibrous tissue hyperplasia leading to cirrhosis.

Indications of improper selection: When hepatitis B antiviral therapy is the best indication of hepatitis B virus dna positive, alt repeated fluctuations in 80-400 units of chronic active hepatitis B patients. Patients with normal liver function in the early stages of treatment can make hepatitis B virus dna negative, but after the withdrawal of most of the re-Yang.


Hepatitis B patients e negative antigen, the body is still a long-term hepatitis B virus dna positive, liver damage can continue to progress, such patients still need hepatitis B virus treatment. After antiviral therapy to inhibit hepatitis B virus replication, liver cell necrosis will stop.