What Items Need To Be Checked For Antiviral Therapy

In general to check: hepatitis B virus HBVDNA, liver function, hepatitis B five!

Doctors will recommend hepatitis B patients regularly check the above three indicators, because it can help patients and doctors to understand the treatment after taking the drug effect, and whether the disease is under control.

If hepatitis B patients after antiviral therapy, the obvious decline in hepatitis B virus DNA, liver function gradually improved, e antigen negative, etc., which shows that the current treatment has a certain effect, the drug program is effective, you can continue the original Of the treatment program.

If hepatitis B patients after a period of treatment, follow-up found that the number of viruses decreased slowly, or abnormal liver function there is an abnormal performance, which shows that the treatment did not achieve the desired results, the doctor at this time can be based on monitoring results in time Adjust the treatment program, so as to achieve a better therapeutic effect.

After oral antiviral therapy, it is recommended that HBsAg and liver function should be performed once a month for the first 3 months after initiation, once every three months thereafter; every three months after initiation of treatment Check the hepatitis B five times.