Quality Control

Quality Assurance

The Quality Principles are:
ICH Q7: GMP Compliance

ISO 9001/2000: Quality Management System

The Quality Control Flow Chart for Finished Products Release:

In order to meet the physical and chemical testing conventional we also use many test equipment and instruments like: GC, HPLC, NMR etc.

Quality Control

Controlling the entire process of the products, including procurement of raw materials, manufacturing process, and product testing control to ensure that can produce high-quality products. The production capacity of commercialization is high quality and efficient, job training is specialization and regular, quality control system is normative, all the above provides effective guarantee for product.

Our objective is to provide high-quality products to meet or exceed the customers of the quality requirements.

At the same time we can also provide non-animal / human source products, and provide a copy of the source of origin as a part of the order.

Rigorous assessment procedures can protect and control of the source of raw material.